How To Make a Free Website

How To Make a Free Website 

There are many "website builders" available and most of them claim to be easy to use and appear cheap. But a complete novice can quickly become overwhelmed by complicated editing software, confusing payment plans, and added expenses.

Our free website creation service for business allows you to create a beautiful new website just by filling in a form!

Create a Free Custom Website for your Business

Step 01

The first step is to create your website which can be done in less than two minutes! No credit card or payment details are required and it's totally free for one month. Your free website address will be

Step 02

If you like your website and want to keep it after your free month trial then you'll need to pay for a subscription. This costs just £5 per month or £50 for a whole year. You won't lose any remaining free trial days - the subscription period you choose is added on.

Step 03

Look even more professional with a domain name, plus a personalised e-mail address This is simple to add to your subscription, by purchasing a domain name through us. Domain names are subject to availability.

Step 04

Cancel at any time - no commitment! We won't tie you into a long contract. If you don't want the website any more, just cancel it and we won't take any more payments.


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