Great1 Website Features

Our website creation service is a simple business website builder and the best free website builder in the UK, where you need to only fill in a few boxes, select your preferred colours, a suitable template from our website templates for small businesses and the new website will be created for you. This form filled website creation service is quite simple and straightforward to follow, without any complex questions or answers required. Hence, why we believe our website builder service is one of the best online web design sites. The features of our service are listed below:


Create your own domain name or use great1's domain

Our online platform for webpage creation will allow you to create a professional website by offering the option to use your own domain name, which can be purchased externally using the search option above or by using great1’s domain, as part of your URL.

Creating your own domain will give your business a unique identity and credibility amongst other competitors in the market, by making the website easily accessible online.


Website experience

Images are an important part of every website experience, as they help the user to understand the information presented in a much easier way. By improving the quality of the images selected, visitors are more likely to stay on your website and this could eventually convert into an inquiry or even a sale.

Add your own images, choose from our gallery or from other online sources

You could choose to add your own customised images, select any from our gallery or even any other free ones available online. However, please note, it is your responsibility to ensure the images selected from external sources do not breach any Copyright laws.


Focus on the attention span of the user

Videos can be added to your website to enhance the quality of the user experience, focus on the attention span of the viewer and clearly display the service offered by the Business or related to the industry in which the Business operates.

Please follow the website creation steps and once you come across the video upload section, you will notice why Great1 is one of the best online web design sites and how simple it is to upload a video on our website.

Trust pilot reviews

Identifying the feedback

You can add trust pilot reviews to your website, which will help any potential customer in identifying the positive feedback the Business has received. This will help in generating more clients in future. Please follow the steps displayed on the image and you will notice how this process is quite easy to follow through our simple business website builder.


Showcasing your work

Customer testimonials can also be added to your website with relevant details of the customers providing the review. This will be clearly visible on the client’s website and will provide a great deal of assistance to the customer, when deciding to select a supplier for their product or service requirements. Our online platform for webpage creation is designed to make this process simple to understand and apply when building their website.


Range of compatible templates

Our online platform for web page creation offers a range of website templates for small businesses, which consist of animations, fonts and a selection of colours compatible with mobile devices and desktops. Our templates will give you a modern, stylish and professional look once your website is created.

Online Shop

Setting up your Online store

Once you have created your website through our simple business website builder, you can create an online shop which is available at £5/$5 a month or £50/$50 a year. Setting up your online store can be quick and easy and is important, as it will help you serve existing customers in a better way by making shopping much easier and creating awareness amongst new customers.

Our online shop facility will help you list your goods and services online, according to categories, items, prices and stock. Once an order is placed, you will be notified about every order in the form of an email notification.

Agent Program

Steady stream of income

Earn a regular Income through our Agent commission program by bringing in paying clients for our website creation service. We consider our service to be the best free website builder in the UK and one of the best online web design sites, as one of our main features is the Agent program, which is unique to our service.

The Agent who brings in more paying clients will receive a larger commission on a regular basis. Also, the commission structure can be reviewed and increased, if an Agent has a large number of clients interested in subscribing to the service as "paying clients".

Contact Form

Getting in touch

Once you have reached our home page, you can click on the link called "support" on the top right and then select "contact us" from the drop down menu. Please enter your name, phone number, email address and message. This message will then be delivered to great1's customer services and you will receive a response promptly.

If any message is left on the client’s website by their potential customer, the client will receive an email notification including all the details entered in the contact form.

Social Media links

Create more awareness of your product or service by adding social media links to your website. Our simple business website builder offers the option of adding links for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Tik tok. This will help your Business build a strong consumer base by focusing on these channels.