5 tips from our Great1 experts for your website development

Our new simple website design service www.great1.com is aimed at helping the user build their own website by following simple and quick steps.

We recommend the below tips when you create a website online through our website development platform. These are important aspects when building your website and will also enhance the website user experience for all your potential customers.

Ensure the domain name bought reflects the Business

  • Unique identity
    A domain name will give the Business its unique identity and distinguish it from its competitors in the market. Therefore, when choosing a domain name, it would be helpful if customers are able to identify the product or service offered through the domain and as a result it would also help in promoting your Business.
  • Clear visibility
    Domains provide clear visibility for your brand and help in attracting customers, therefore, it is essential to make the name standout and grab the shoppers attention.
  • Short domain name
    Also, as most online traffic is generated through mobile phones and in order to make your website one of the most awesome mobile websites, keep the domain name as short as possible, which will make it easy to remember. The length usually should be 6-10 letters and as precise as possible.

Ensure customers can contact you when visiting your website and respond to inquiries promptly

Great1 considers itself to be the best website builder, due to the simplicity and cost effectiveness of its services provided.

  • Contact us
    Please ensure the "contact us" link is clearly displayed on the top of the website, which will allow customers to contact you by leaving messages on your website, which should be delivered to a generic Company email address. They should be also able to call the Business using the phone number displayed.
  • Responding to inquiries
    Inquiries should also be responded to in a prompt and polite manner, leaving a good first impression of the quality of customer service offered. This helps in creating a positive brand image, which will result in higher sales.

Ensure the content of the website is accurate and up to date

  • Accurate website content
    When you create a website online, it is extremely essential that the content of the website is accurate, as users will expect the information provided to be reliable and trustworthy. If a product or service offered on a website contains inaccurate information, this will create issues and cause customers to lose confidence in the Business, resulting in lost sales and bad reviews.
  • Updating the website
    Although users first impressions of a website, tend to focus on the general layout and these leave a lasting impression of the Company. However, updating the website with new and relevant content is paramount to keeping users informed on the product or services offered. This could be done with an RSS feed, which notifies users when new information is published on a website.

Add client reviews or testimonials with photos of work done

  • Reviews or testimonials
    As part of our service of web page creation, the client can include trust-pilot reviews or testimonials of work done. This helps boost the ratings of the Company and offers potential customers confidence in suppliers before subscribing to a required service offered by a Business.
  • Photos of work
    Photos of the work done, along with the name of the person leaving the review adds authenticity to the review and makes the testimonial more reliable.

Choose from a range of templates and colours, while adding pictures

  • Templates
    Our website development platform offers a range of website templates for businesses to choose from. You can select from a range of colours and pictures to make the website as attractive and appealing as possible.
  • User Experience
    This also helps in creating a positive website user experience and will result in visitors staying much longer on your website and eventually purchasing the product or service offered.