No sales caused by appallingly designed websites & online shops

A growing number of lost sales are caused by badly designed websites and online shops, which is costing Businesses millions in revenue. 

Research suggests that website functionality is the main reason customers are opting out of their shopping experience. Users report that navigation is difficult, with confusing and unclear layouts, resulting in purchases being cancelled.

Services for website creation online offer tailor made website development or a website builder as part of their services. Using a Company's bespoke website creation services can be costly and time consuming for the website to be completed. As small and medium sized businesses have a limited amount of funds, resources and time, a website builder and online shop is an affordable method of displaying your products and services, according to price and categories.


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Prices, slow loading speeds and pop-ups are other reasons shoppers opt out of certain websites and online shops. When businesses list their services online, it is important to offer your product or service based on market prices, therefore, extensive research must be conducted before deciding on a price. Consumers are constantly searching for low priced alternatives, which is why the cost must be affordable.

Many website creating platforms online are offering low cost methods to create a new website and online shop, which are proving popular amongst small and medium sized businesses. These come with clear page layouts, attractive website templates, fast loading speeds and are easy to navigate.