Ideas to Market your product or service online

In today's digital world, it is essential to have creative and effective ideas to market your product online. Businesses need to find methods and develop strategies to engage with customers, so that their interactions can be converted to sales, which would create an image and establish an online presence for their brand. We have listed some effective marketing strategies to increase growth.


Create a website

A website helps create an online presence and image of your Business and makes your brand discoverable to potential customers. Apart from giving your Business a professional and credible look, it will also help increase sales. Any online platform for webpage creation or website builder will help you build your website at an affordable cost. Online web design sites allow you to create a well designed web site by choosing from a range of website templates for small businesses. Your webpage should included clear links, drop down menus, fonts, colours and images to make it easy to navigate and attractive at the same time. 

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Add reviews or testimonials

Upload customer reviews or testimonials of work done to your website. This will instil confidence in potential customers when selecting a supplier for their requirements. The recommendations and opinions will create a positive brand image, increase the number of visitors to your website and provide evidence of satisfied customers.


Create an online listing for your Business

Listing your Business, including address, contact number and website address in an online directory will boost your presence amongst other Businesses in the numerous directories available online. This will make your Business visible and contactable online. For example: a website development Company lists their services in local business directories and offers new website creation and hosting services. Potential customers in the area will then be able to contact them based on their location. These online directories have replaced hard copied directories used over the years and make it much easier to search for and contact listed Businesses.

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Email Businesses to update them on your new product or service

Instead of sending a generic email to a range of Companies, it would be beneficial to contact individual Businesses through a direct email and explain the product launched. Another way of marketing the product could be to send a series of emails to the same Company and advertise the free trials, discounts or other promotional offers available. This kind of marketing usually helps connect with customers on a regular basis and can eventually lead to sales.


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Write blog articles on your website

Writing articles and publishing them on your website will boost your online visibility and create brand awareness on search engines. This will also help your Business move up the search engine rankings by using search keywords related to your services. When using search engine optimisation, Google relies on fresh and new content of a website to move it up the rankings and blogs aid this process tremendously. Once the articles are published, they can also be uploaded on to social media channels and shared in order to receive more likes and comments. 



When it comes to Online Marketing, a combination of all the above strategies will assist in launching your product or service online. These strategies will ensure your business runs smoothly and benefits in the long run. Therefore, you must ensure they are used on a consistent basis, which will increase turnover and drive more visitors to your website.