Using online tools to make money as an Artist

Artists aim to use their creations and knowledge to earn a living. However, the expertise and resources required to make it a thriving business is what deters them from pursuing their career. As a result, this leads them to adopt other jobs and focusing a minimal amount of time on their artistic talents. 

Use a website to sell your art

blue ceramic bowls on gray surface

Create a new website by using website creating platforms online, which will help create a brand and advertise your products and services to customers in the market.

Designing a website can be very simple nowadays, as website builders are available at a fraction of the cost of creating a fully customised website.

A website builder comes with a range of website templates for small businesses, which helps users to follow a set of simple steps in order to create a new website.


Create an online shop

When you create an online shop, any works of art can be itemised and listed categorically for sale. This will help an artist to organise their work with appropriate displays and templates to attract clients worldwide. 

As shoppers start online, it is important to reach new customers digitally, as this is one of the low cost ways of increasing revenue. 

The online world serves a range of markets and is a quick solution for customers demands.


Establish a Youtube channel

Youtube application screengrab

In today's world, there are billions of users on Youtube and with a global audience ranging from children to senior citizens, content is uploaded consisting of a range of subjects. 

Artists can display and discuss their works of art on their channel and as more views, comments and likes are generated, the popularity of the channel grows. This results in fees earned from Youtube and more customers generated on a regular basis.


Sell art using Social media

Items can also be offered for sale on Instagram, twitter and Facebook, which are leading social media channels used in today's world. This will help create a wider reach to audiences globally, as users will share their experiences on these platforms and as a result, create more awareness and increase sales.


Setup a Blog

Developing an Art blog helps create discussions around art and other topics related to the Industry. Users will then frequently visit these blogs to get more ideas on the subject. These blogs can eventually lead potential customers to artists websites or online shops, where they can make purchases.

Blogging is a great way to establish a personality for your Company and makes a Business more approachable.