Anti terror tools offered by Google to website owners

Search Engines like Google are developing tools to help new businesses tackle any extreme material, as they may not have the expertise, knowledge and funding to do so.

The new measures help remove any racially offensive comments or any other kinds of hate directed towards users.

The UN is working together with Google to develop these measures and make them accessible for all SMB websites.


Anti-terror project

A collection of anti-terror tools is made available online and Companies who are unable to pay for the resources to implement the tools to tackle these threats, will be supported by this project.

These tools will be valuable and widely available to small Companies, who can overcome these issues  and protect their Companies and users from such content.

Companies can choose to use these tools to remove the harmful content or some may not, regardless of the fines issued.

Meta and other tech giants have already released its own tools and are rolling more out, after testing their codes to prevent any offensive messages, videos or photos from being uploaded online.

Therefore, it is essential to constantly moderate the content and messages posted on a website.

Websites are easily available to create in the market and the simplest method of doing so is by using a website builder. Once you create a new website through a simple business website builder or any other online platform for webpage creation, this will establish your web presence in the market.