Becoming an Agent to promote website creation and online shop services

When you create a website, there are a range of website builders available online to use at a cheap cost. If you have a limited amount of time and funds and need the website built and launched soon, look no further than a website builder. A simple business website builder is the best online platform for webpage creation.

Also, if you prefer to create an online shop to sell your products and services, there are a range of online shop facilities available in the market.

Promoting the website creation service has its benefits in the digital world and this market is not widely explored online. We have listed some benefits below from an Agent's perspective:

Earn a commission for each paying customer

Commissions increased when a certain number of paying clients subscribe

Earn a commission for each new Agent referred

Commissions can be increased for a particular Agent more than the standard amounts, if a large number of paying clients are available

Create a profile on Linkedin or any other online platform and widen your reach, thus creating an awareness of your services


Agent commission programs are designed to help the Agent earn a regular income for each paying client registered and will benefit them on a monthly basis.

Great1 has designed a unique Agent commission structure, where further details and breakdowns of its cost apportionments are available on its website.